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Killing Myself Over You Indie Song
Without You Country Song
It's all right Indie Song
Eagle Mont Indie Song
Piano Fantasia Classical Song
Shadows on the Wall Indie Song
Vanity Indie Song
No one really gives a shi Indie Song

2014 Submissions

Game of Fools Miscellaneous Song
Singularity Miscellaneous Song
Microcosm Miscellaneous Song
Chickenshit Miscellaneous Song
Kung Fu Miscellaneous Song
Feels Like Rain Live General Rock Song
Christmas Show Beef General Rock Song
Straight to Hell w/ Roach General Rock Song
Freak Medley General Rock Song
Christmas Show Wannabe Mexican General Rock Song
Christmas Show Doo Wop General Rock Song
Christmas Show Juke Box General Rock Song
Tzar of Rock (Christmas show) General Rock Song
Christmas High Gravity General Rock Song
Christmas Show Warm up General Rock Song
It Feels Like Rain Country Song
Cosmic Debris Classic Rock Song
Plastic Factory Blues Song
A Hard Days Night Classic Rock Song
Straight To Hell Country Song
Mystery Roach/Stinkfoot Classic Rock Song
Talk is Cheap, Silence is Gold Experimental Song
Gangsta of Love Blues Song
Bad Fish(sublime cover) Classic Rock Song
Why am I such a fool? General Rock Song
Baby, I love you Pop Song
Tzar of Rock n Roll Punk Song
I'm a schwilly kid Hip Hop - Modern Song

2012 Submissions

"Epic Ain't It?" Classical Song

2011 Submissions

Time is a Loose Cigarette Miscellaneous Song
Justa Guitar Improv General Rock Song
Exploding Note Fat Zoot Miscellaneous Song
The Shocker(take 2) Indie Song
Fire Crotch Indie Song
13 and 3 Quarters Indie Song
The Shocker(Working title) Indie Song
Feedback Wankery Miscellaneous Song
Chicken Footed Seagull Miscellaneous Song
Nine Eleven Miscellaneous Song
Blues Guitar with Grass Bluegrass Song
I Do My Part Indie Song
Gangsta of China Pig Blues Song
Chinese Food Blues Blues Song
Don't You Lie To Me Blues Song
Funky Tits Funk Song
Not Really An Ode to Shamwow World Song
Dow Chu Classical Song
Dow Tzu Classical Song
Mindless Shredding 2 General Rock Song
Beagle of Despair Classical Song
Goodbye To The Peoples Blues Song
Lil White Rooster Is Gone Punk Song
Traps Punk Song
Stay Away From That Pipe Punk Song
Lady Death Knockin' At My Door Bluegrass Song
Chicago Heat Blues Song
Suicide Chump Blues Song
I won't Tell You The Secret Indie Song
Shitzle Miscellaneous Song
Piano Wankery Live at Ashbury Miscellaneous Song
I'm An Interesting Man Indie Song
Old Squeaky Man Indie Song
Seek and You Will Find Indie Song
Survivor Man Blues Song
In It For the Money Medley Classic Rock Song
Aliens In My Rectum Indie Song
Heavy Derp Indie Song
Piranha Cake Indie Song
The Voice of God Indie Song
Get the Mop Indie Song
Dog Biscuits Indie Song
Pigs Wrestling in a Watertower Indie Song
You Have a Secret Admirer Indie Song
Appalachian Hell Ride Indie Song
Lucifer's Tits Indie Song
I Know Where You Live(Live) Blues Song
Dan's Ghetto Drum Set Miscellaneous Song
Grilled Cheese Mind Melt Indie Song
Welcome To the Space Farm Indie Song
Sad Jelly Jam Indie Song
Hypno Train Station in a Box Indie Song
You going to Hell Indie Song
I Don't Understand A Word Indie Song
Dancing Lady Light Night Indie Song
Dagmonious Bacon Eater Indie Song
Absurdity of Beauty(Live) Miscellaneous Song
Street Buskin' Blues(Live) Blues Song
Origin of Irish Potato Phantom Indie Song
Mind At the Train Station Indie Song
Lost Chocolate Indie Song
Cotton Schwaab Indie Song
I'm Fucking Hungry Indie Song
Zebras Indie Song
My Cat Has Rabies Indie Song
Mindless Shredding Heavy Metal Song
Glinting Space Indie Song
Irish Potato Phantom(live) Indie Song
I Got a Beer Blues take 2 Blues Song
Pseudo Sitar(guitar?) Raga Miscellaneous Song
I Got A Beer Blues(Live) Blues Song
Piano in the Modern Style Classical Song
Talking Guitar Miscellaneous Song
Street Buskin' Blues Blues Song
Just Another Organ Improv Classical Song
I Got the Crabs Funk Funk Song
Piano Jazz Odyssey Jazz Song
Creepy Piano Music Classical Song
Ode To KFC, Annoying kids Pop Song
A Raging Cobra Bats its Eye Indie Song
InstruMENTAL Brain Fart Indie Song
Einstein's Brain Porridge Indie Song
ALIENS! AAH! Indie Song
Naygarflex 100th submission Indie Song
Instrument Rancid Time Pudding Miscellaneous Song
Dali eats rancid time pudding Indie Song
Pony Bacon Flavored Pancakes Miscellaneous Song
Cornrows of Pony Bacon Pancake Indie Song
Night Street w/ Cosmic Alfonzo Hip Hop - Modern Song
Where Have You Gone?(W CA) Jazz Song
Some Guy Down the Road V2 Classical Song
Do it For Amnerikkka Indie Song
All Musicians are Freaks w CA Jazz Song
Epic it Is! Classical Song
Dr. Penis Wants His Schnauzer Indie Song
Endless Blues Guitar Blues Song
Epic, ain't it? Classical Song
Pseudo Bach Organ Improv Classical Song
Sad Puppy Noises(Piano Solo) Classical Song
Cantaloupe Island Take 1 Jazz Song
Black Napkins Take 2 Blues Song
I gotta take a shit Blues Song
Geetlin Skeetlin Miscellaneous Song
6 minutes of blues wankery Blues Song
Sinister Clutches (midi style) Video Game Song
It's Just Procedure(MidiStyle) Video Game Song
I Hate Christmas Music >=( Voice Demo Song
South Mouth (Midi Style) Video Game Song
Dead Clock(Midi Style) Video Game Song
Some Guy D.T.R. (Midi Style) Video Game Song
W.T.t.T.o t.M.(Midi Style) Video Game Song
Messin' With The Kid Blues Song
I don't give a fuck Blues Song
Electric Guitar Fantasia Classical Song
Calamari Gumbo(Midi Style) Video Game Song
Rodent(midi style) Video Game Song
Black Mood(Piano Version) Classical Song
Sonic Landscape(piano version) Classical Song
4.5 minutes of guitar wank General Rock Song
Horse Won't Die(Guitar Solo) General Rock Song
3 minutes of guitar wank General Rock Song
5.5 minutes of Guitar Wank Blues Song
C Jam Blues with Cosmic A Jazz Song
Blue Monk of the Cosmos Jazz Song
Bad Jazz without the bar Jazz Song
Sand Hour Miscellaneous Song
Cosmic Spoon Miscellaneous Song
Shit Got Real Classical Song
Epic Battle of Guitar General Rock Song
Guitar Pseudo-Raga improv Miscellaneous Song
W.T.t.T.o t.M.(Piano Version) Miscellaneous Song
It's Just Procedure for Piano Classical Song
Slavery Will Nvr Die(no vocals Miscellaneous Song
Calamari Gumbo(Piano Version) Classical Song
I know where you live Blues Song
Absurdity Of Beauty Miscellaneous Song
Dead Clock(Piano) Miscellaneous Song
Alone In Your Head Miscellaneous Song
Alone In Your Room Classical Song
Slavery Will Never Die General Rock Song
Alone In a Tight Cell Classical Song
Bad Jazz at the Bar Jazz Song
Down in The Cups Classical Song
I got no beer blues Blues Song
I got a beer blues Blues Song
Happy Birthy Day Classic Rock Song
Cook County Blues Blues Song
Out The Door(Cosmic Alfonzo) General Rock Song
Cats Dancing on My Rectum Voice Demo Song
Doo-Wop Love Voice Demo Song
Sundenhosen Classical Song
I am the embodiment of Techno Voice Demo Song
Touch My Pickle Voice Demo Song
Black Napkins Classic Rock Song
Derick Rocks with His Cock Out General Rock Song
South Mouth(Piano Version) Miscellaneous Song
Creepy Dungeon Miscellaneous Song
Dead Clock is Right 2x a Day Techno Song
WTF!? Miscellaneous Song
Ann Coulter's Vagina General Rock Song
South Mouth Miscellaneous Song
Overdriven Pseudo Raga Miscellaneous Song
Sweet 45 Indie Song
To All My Shitty Friends Indie Song
I'm Super Serial Guys Classical Song
Wee To the Top of the Mountain Miscellaneous Song
Blues of Pain(Guitar Solo) Blues Song
Derick In Space General Rock Song
Sonic Landscape Classical Song
Alien Space Machine Classical Song
Rodent Jazz Song
Welcome to the Funny Home Classical Song
Sinister Clutches Jazz Song
Some Guy Down the Road Classical Song
Black Mood Classical Song
Chimichanga(Guitar Solo) Miscellaneous Song
Mechanix City Techno Song
Reptile Skinned Harmonica Indie Song
Chocolate Leather Jazz Song
Dream Theme Miscellaneous Song
Throne Room Classical Song
Calamari Gumbo Jazz Song
It's Just Procedure, Really General Rock Song