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Entry #29


2015-04-21 15:58:38 by CosmicAlfonzo



Settled up in Austin, Texas. Have the opportunity to dump some more stuff. Mixed quality, but what else is new, eh?


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2015-04-24 22:39:50

Great to see you back and uploading stuff, if only for a brief moment. One of these days you have to jot down all the crazy shit you've done throughout your many hiatuses.

CosmicAlfonzo responds:

I've got a million stories, I tell ya. The road is a weird place.

I've got an opportunity to do some recording right now. Equipment is ghetto, but the mic is decent. "Shadows on the Wall" and "Killing Myself Over You" done with the equipment I'm working with now. Friend I'm staying with at the moment has a bass guitar and Ukulele I can use, so I'm going to have some fun with that.

Trying to get a band started here in Austin. I jam with people all the time, but in order to get people to do the kind of crazy shit I really want to do, I need to train them. Getting people to go along with that kind of stuff is very difficult though. Hell, getting musicians to work together on music that is a bit more straight is like herding cats as it is.